Martin and Valerie are busy in the studio recording the next podcast.

Our studio is located in Coquitlam, BC

We are serious most of the time but sometimes we get to goof around because we are having so much fun producing these shows.

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Current Podcasts:

1. Inaugural edition, Interview with Eivind Heiberg and Dan Rude

VKNG Vol. 1. Show #1 (mp3)


2. The Titanic with Scott Larsen

VKNG Vol. 1. Show #2 (mp3)


3. The Vikings from Hatzic Viking Weekend

VKNG Vol. 1. Show #3 (mp3)


4. Mid Summer Festival

VKNG Vol. 1. Show #4 (mp3)


5. Duck Race and July 1st. Celebration at Hatzic

VKNG Vol. 1. Show #5 (mp3)


6. Vikings, The Sea and Saining

 VKNG Vol. 1. Show #6 (mp3)


7. 2012 retrospective

 VKNG Vol. 2. Show #1 (mp3)


8. True or false - sant eller usant

VKNG Vol. 2. Show #2 (mp3)

9. Electric cars, Stikkmenn and more VKNG Vol. 3. Show #1 (mp3)


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Martin Naske and Valerie "Viking Princess" Christopherson are your hosts bringing you interesting interviews, news and coverage of all Lodge and District events. With the occasional appearance of James "Voice of the Vikings" Christopherson who wields the roving mike.